About us

KM SOLUTIONS is a modern and dynamic company creating functional and aesthetically appealing interior solutions “from the idea to the key”.

A broad range of services is offered, including interior design, project management, manufacture of furniture and other interior solution services. Our goal is to provide you with innovative and unique interior solutions, which are performed in accordance with the high standards of the company.  

One of the basic principles of KM SOLUTIONS is an individual approach to every client. Each of our projects is implemented in accordance with the client’s preferences, no matter the development stage of the project:


We are among the best, and it’s not just words, we have proven it time and time again.

  • professionals of our field

    Our employees are certified professionals, who not only perform their job at a high quality, but are also able to find solutions in non-standard situations. By focusing on details and accurately creating unique interior solutions, they often exceed the wishes of our clients.

  • from the idea to the key

    The “from the idea to the key” service allows the client to save time, by assigning the implementation of the project to our specialists. One contract is concluded regarding the performance of all works during the project.

  • one contact person

    In order to facilitate the work process, a responsible contact person is assigned at the initial stage of the project, who forms communication between clients and workers, is able to competently answer all questions of the client, controls the works and terms of their performance, as well as ensures the qualitative fulfilment of works.

  • experienced project managers

    Our certified project managers are experienced, skillful, knowledgeable, and can approach every project creatively, in order to perform it at the best quality and within the set deadline.

  • Individual client approach

    We do not work according to a set sample; every developed project is unique, because we see every new client as a new opportunity to prove our originality and quality.

Our clients